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Welcome to the global village!

We walk no beaten track.
Walking creates tracks for others to follow!

Open your eyes, tune your ears and free-up your mind. 
(Crying for the vanished sun, won't let you enjoy the stars– Tagore) 
So, have no fear to tread this village.

I am a simple traveler, on a shoe-string budget, 
with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, 
an incurable anger over injustice and 
an inestimable respect for nature.

Copy Rights:
The subjects and the objects of the following articles and pictures have the complete ownership of their contents.  I simply invited them for my presentations.  You too have every right to invite them for yours.  Please respect the wishes of your guests.  Your own conscience is the harshest judge on the planet. So, copy right!


  1. Southern Expressway, the E.I.A. & the Water Buffaloes
  2. The ceremonial killing of River Sinú
  3. Ozogoche-Guamote Irrigation Project
  4. A humble homage to Mama Tungurahua & her offspring
  5. Reengineering urban infrastructure: a holistic viewpoint 
  6. Hydro El Quimbo is technically 'chimbo' (faulty) 
  7. Rural Development, climate change and ancestral technologies 
  8. Food for thought

  1. An encounter with the engineers of the past
  2. Prehispanic American Civil Engineering and Lessons for Today - A Summary
  3. The rivers that ran through the desert
  4. Groundwater management, the American way: Past and present
  5. Conducing water, the American way: Past and present - A photo gallery
  6. Defending against frost, the American way: Past and present - A photo gallery
  7. Floodwater management, the American way: Past and present - A photo gallery
  8. Preventing soil erosion, the American way: Past and present - A photo gallery
  9. Storing water, the American way: Past and present - A photo gallery
  10. Mapping of Kalinga Ela, an ancient navigation Channel
  11. Ancient water nurturing technologies 
  12. Reducing climate and other risks through nature-aided and faith-based experiences by peruvian terrace farmers
  13. NurturingWater: Ancestral Ground Water Recharging in the Americas
  14. 13 Tips from our ancestors to make the best use of water 

  1. A three-legged race into the Canyon
  2. Visit to Paraguay Dec 2015-Jan 2016  
  3. Road to Africa
  4. How many hens Trump will need to replace Obamacare? 

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